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We believe that scientists and researchers are doing exciting work that deserves to be shared.

That’s why we offer workshops and courses to help clever people communicate what they are doing and why it matters clearly, confidently, and in the right way, for their audience.

What we do: we provide academic, science and interpersonal communication training for scientists and researchers who want to craft clear messages and get their messages across confidently and authentically, regardless of audience.

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Free workshop tasters & opportunities to exchange ideas


  • Short, punchy 90-minute sessions
  • Workshop tasters
  • A great opportunity to network with researchers around the world

What people say

Bulding cultural intelligence workshop, Innsbruck University

“It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed a training workshop as much as I did this one! Suzanne took a lot of time to get to know each of our group during the training, quickly spotting where our strengths lay and helping us develop skills in new areas. She struck a good balance between theory and discussion, and I particularly appreciated the time she gave us for group work and time to try out new skills alone.”

Communication workshop participant, UN University

Bulding cultural intelligence workshop, Innsbruck University

“This workshop was great fun. I learned loads about perspective and how I tend to communicate, and hope to be able to use this knowledge to communicate better with our international students.”

— Building cultural intelligence workshop, Innsbruck University

Student SHA Utrecht University

“Loved this. So much information and still time for some good discussions with fellow students. I look forward to being able to use some of the ideas when I create my first poster.”

Poster workshop participant,  Student SHA Utrecht University

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