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You care about science. We do, too.

We also care about how scientists communicate: with the public, with their fellow-scientists, and with their colleagues.

From our signature SciComm Foundations programme to our Presenting Science courses and Communication Skills training, our single purpose is to help scientists build the skills they need to “get science done” and share their science and scientific results with experts and non-experts alike.

Take a look around to see what we offer and how we work, or be radical and simply contact us to chat about your ideas and let’s see what happens.

SciComm Foundations Programme

Public engagement and sharing science with non-experts has never been more relevant.

Our science communication training programme provides participants with a mix of theory and practical activities to help them understand the why, what, where, who” behind communication, and gets them started with the tools they need to implement the “how”.

Over the course of 3 days or 12 intensive weekly sessions, we’ll cover a range of topics that include messaging, storytelling, presenting, working with the media, social media and more.

“Presenting Science” Workshops

Presentations, posters and papers are vital in helping scientists share their work with the scientific community and lay people.

Many scientists have no proper training in how to present their science, and even those who do might find presenting a challenge as presentation techniques and audience expectations change.

The courses in our Presenting Science series are designed to help scientists develop transferable skills so that they can present their science in the right way for the right audience.

Effective Communication Skills

Being able to interact with the public or present a sexy presentation doesn’t mean that scientists are able to get their message across in interactions with the people they work with on a daily basis.

Our Effective Communication workshops are designed to help scientists improve and develop specific communication skills that are essential in building their scientific careers, and that have a positive impact on how they communicate with fellow-scientists and non-experts alike. A real win-win for all involved.

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