We’re looking forward to meeting some of the interesting people at Boston University later this week when we run “What the X? How to Make the Most of Social Media to Promote your Research in 2023.” In 90 minutes, we’re going to cover:

💡 The Current Social Media Landscape:
what’s happening with social media and what options are out there?

💡 Success Stories in Research Communication:
how are different researchers using their platforms and channels effectively?

💡 Strategic Thinking:
how can you choose one or more channels strategically to maximise time, resources and research impact on social media?

💡 Productivity Tools:
what tools can you use, free and otherwise, to boost your efficiency in managing your online presence and sharing your work across multiple platforms?

💡 The Role of AI Technologies:
how do artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT fit into the equation and can they support your research dissemination efforts?

If you’d like to dive into social media in 2023 and 2024, we’d love to help – we offer both open courses (online, too!) and custom-designed workshops and courses of all lengths.