Communication Skills Workshops for Scientists

Our communication skills workshops are designed to help scientists improve and develop specific skills that are essential to building their scientific careers AND their ability to communicate science to non-scientists. We deliver our courses in English to cater to participants who – like it or not – find themselves having to interact with others in English.

Effective Communication Skills for Scientists

This practical course dives into the nitty-gritty of what communication is, what makes it effective and how scientists can master tone, words, body language, timing, culture and more to become impactful communicators.

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Influencing Skills

When you’re working in the scientific world, it can sometimes helpful to get the people around you to see things slightly differently. This course helps scientists learn skills they need to get the support of others.

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Emotional Intelligence

In the world of science, it can be all too easy to focus on facts and evidence and forget that fellow colleagues and scientists are living, breathing humans with emotions. This course teaches participants to become more aware of their own emotions and helps them learn how to empathise with others to create more effective working relationships.

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Developing Cultural Awareness

When you work in multicultural teams with people from different countries and cultures, communication can be a challenge. In this half-day workshop, participants will learn about what culture is, become more aware of their own cultural biases and behaviours, and uncover strategies for working and communicating successfully in diverse teams.

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Facilitation Skills

If you often work with groups of people and find yourself in a position where you need or want to help people collaborate to find a solution to a problem or identify how to “make something happen”, facilitation skills are key. In this practical course, participants will learn tools and skills that will give structure and purpose to the sometimes tricky art of collaboration.

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Non-verbal Communication Skills

In this half-day workshop, learn how to interpret body language and other non-verbal cues of others and manage your own to communicate better.

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Better Networking

Networking is just a way of interacting with people, but somehow it becomes awkward and difficult once you attach an agenda to it. This bite-sized session helps to demystify the art of networking and helps participants learn how to make a great first impression, network and build lasting relationships.

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Really Useful Meetings

If you’ve ever wondered about the point of a meeting, or left a meeting thinking “well, that was a waste of time”, this bite-sized session will give you practical tools and techniques that you can use to run or participate in a meeting that is both useful and efficient.

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Social Media for Scientists

Many scientists shy away from social media because of time, priories or a simple dislike of the medium. As a communication tool, social media can be useful to scientists when used, but it can also cause problems when not used! In this short introduction to social media for scientists, we’ll explore what social media is, how it can be used to support scientists and what scientists need to be aware of even if they choose not to use it.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Constructive feedback is a powerful way to share ideas, suggest improvements, create a clearer picture of what’s needed, and help a team to develop and grow. In this bite-sized session, participant will learn when and how to give feedback that is useful and constructive.

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