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Professional Facilitation

Do you want to refine or define a strategy, kick-start a multi-partner project, or get a team on the same page so that you can move towards your vision and goals? Professional facilitation can help. Working closely with you, we can design, plan, and facilitate meetings and workshops that open up conversations, invite discussion, and guide the group to consensus and action.

Facilitating meetings

What’s the point of a meeting facilitator? To help you design and run a meeting that allows people to invest in the process, work towards an outcome, and help you move things forward.

Have you ever been in a meeting where:

  • There was no agenda, and if there was, the meeting quickly went off-track and off-topic?
  • People didn’t contribute ideas or speak up?
  • Different viewpoints and personal agendas led to conflict or withdrawal?
  • The meeting ended with no clear decision or action plan?

If you’re nodding your head, you’re in good company with professionals from every sector in every part of the world. The reality is that unless your meeting leads to your team agreeing to action, it’s a waste of time.

Our professional facilitator, Suzanne Whitby, makes sure that your important meetings aren’t a waste of time.

Using a tried and tested process, she will design and facilitate your meeting in a way that fosters constructive conversation and guides the team to a collaborative decision and actionable plan.

Facilitating meetings, professional meeting facilitation