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Interactive scientific posters: visual, interactive, unforgettable

Interactive scientific posters: visual, interactive, unforgettable

On my internet wanderings today, I found myself on the iF Design website, mouth agape as I explored an interactive poster designed by The Science Communication Lab. Entitled "Explore the Ocean" the poster was designed to...

Know your audience

Know your audience

When I ask scientists, researchers and academics WHO they want to reach, one phrase comes up time and time again: the “general public”. But who is this mysterious “general” public? Does a stockbroker have the same values and priorities as a social worker? A...

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Book of the month

We love this because it’s a great resource for scientists and researchers who want to learn how to tell stories with data, not simply throw a few graphs at people and expect them to work it out for themselves!

Podcast of the month

We love this because funding is crucial for researchers. Prof. Roger Barker gives an honest account of his experience and his current perspective, facilitated expertly by the insightful Dr. Sandrine Soubes.

Resource of the month

We love this because being able to frame conversations in a way that makes them meaningful for the people we want to reach is an essential skill that can be learned and fine-tuned over time.

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