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Online & Social Media Skills

Communicating research and results no longer takes place at networking events and conferences alone. The internet provides an extraordinary audience, as well as a bewildering array of ways to reach them.

Our introductory sessions and practical online skills workshops are designed to help scientists, researchers, and academics know what their options are, and equip them with the skills they need to establish a presence online and create written and other content to connect with experts and non-experts alike.

We always send out a needs assessment questionnaire in advance to allow participants to highlight any specific challenges that they are facing, and we do our best to address these on the course.

Programmes offered


Writing for Online Audiences

In this two-part workshop, participants will develop the skills they need to write and share their knowledge effectively online by keeping the audience (reader) in mind.

Create & Run a Research Blog

In this practical workshop, participants will first learn how to plan and structure a blog for themselves or their department that will allow them to share their research online. And then, they’ll roll up their sleeves and design and create that blog using popular blogging software WordPress (with our help) in a testing environment that they can launch once they’ve had time to tweak their creation and add their first post.

Introduction to Social Media

This two-hour seminar-style session is designed to give participants an overview of what social media tools are out there, how they might use them, how other researchers are already using these tools, and what to think when it comes to NOT using social media (risks & benefits) and what to consider when using these tools (times, channels, skills, and possible results).

Practical Social Media for Researchers

For scientists, researchers, and academics who have decided to “take the plunge” and start using social media to share their work, this practical course is all about planning and doing. We’ll assess what tools and channels will yield the best results for the communication goals, set up accounts, consider design and branding, explore tools to help manage the account(s), and create a plan to keep content fresh and regular.

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Book a call with one of our workshop designers and let’s explore what you need, what we can do, and how we can create a workshop or programmes that will meet your needs and the needs of your team.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

― Peter Drucker