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Panel Moderation

Panel moderation

Let’s face it: conference and event panels can be boring time-wasters. And yet, most conferences and conventions include some sort of panel on the programme.

We apply professional facilitation techniques to turn ordinary panel presentations into powerful, lively, engaging, audience-centered conversations that add value to your event.

As your panel moderator, it’s our role to make sure that the audience’s needs are met through the panel format, and that means ensuring that there is audience/ panel participation, the information  is useful and the session starts and stops on time. We aren’t the star of the event: we leave that to your panel presenters and participants, making sure that they are the real heroes of your programme.

Contact us to find out more about our proven process for creating and facilitating an unforgettable panel discussion that is customised to your outomes, the panelists, and the audience.

Moderating panels at scientific, research, and academic meetings, professional panel moderation