Suzanne Whitby, Professional Facilitator & Communication Specialist

Suzanne Whitby

Founder, Communication Specialist

Suzanne has been tackling communication challenges head-on for nearly 20 years. In addition to her innovative use of training and facilitation methodologies in her programmes to aid learning, she is known for her ability to cut to the heart of problems and to provide innovative insights, direct feedback, and supportive advice to help people transform their communication and personal impact.

A communicator, trainer, facilitator, cross-cultural specialist, and storyteller, Suzanne’s experience extends across a range of sectors and she has designed and delivered communication and facilitation programmes for many well-known organisations in Europe, the USA, and further afield.

After spending 7 years managing multi-million-pound projects and diverse international teams in the technology, construction, and non-profit sectors, she started a communication consultancy in 2003 based on the principle that “communication matters.” In 2010, a move to Boulder, Colorado resulted in her working with scientists, researchers, and academics from NOAA, NCAR, the University of Colorado, and Naropa University as well with R&D professionals from the oil and gas, aviation, pharmaceutical, robotics, and engineering sectors. She has never looked back.

This led her to found Interactory & SciComm Success on her return to Europe, where she focuses exclusively on helping scientists, researchers, and academics communicate at their best and who hail from organisations as diverse as TEAGASC, Universität Innsbruck, tirol kliniken, the United Nations University, the International Association of Breath Research, IONIMED, and the Society for Experimental Biology.

A life-long learner, Suzanne is studying towards a PhD in the sensory studies in her free time, enjoying the life of an academic researcher working in sometimes pressurised conditions, which makes her work with researchers and academics particularly relevant! On a personal note, she is a voracious reader, an oral storyteller and a “fish hugger” (rather than a “tree hugger”) who loves scuba diving, walking and travelling. She believes in the importance of human connection and creates new communities wherever she goes. She is continually becoming better at “tread more lightly” on the earth and lives in Innsbruck, Austria with her Atmospheric Physicist husband.


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