“Presenting Science” Courses for Scientists

Our “Presenting Science” courses are designed to teach scientists transferable skills that will help them present their science in the right way for their audience, and they’re all delivered in English to give participants an opportunity to simulate presenting in an international environment and to diverse audiences.

The Memorable Scientist: Practical Presentation Skills for Scientists

A hands-on presentations skills workshop to help scientists learn how to plan, structure and deliver their presentation in a way that engages the audience AND gets the facts across.

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Poster Design & Presentation

Tried and tested design rules, new thinking in poster design, how to use modern technology in your poster, how to adapt a poster to your audience, and how to present and discuss your poster orally.

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Running Online & Virtual Meetings

[Bite-sized] [Virtual]

Skills, strategies, and tips to make online meetings work better.

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Presenting Effectively Online

[Bite-sized] [Virtual]

Techniques and tools to establish rapport with a virtual audience and engage them with strong visuals and interactivity.

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Storytelling in Science

Use evidence, anecdotes, data and emotion to tell a scientific story. The aim is not “dumb down” your science, but to make it more accessible and engaging to experts and non-experts alike.

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