Infographics and data visualisation skills for researchers and scientists

Learn new techniques and approaches to creating impactful infographics & data-driven stories.

Data visualisation is all about communicating complex information with simple graphics and charts in a way that is effective, interesting, impactful, and above all, useful. In our data visualisation and infographics training programmes, participants will learn how to communicate their findings visually, telling data-driven stories that allow people to see patterns and relationships found in data.


This course can be tailored to your needs. Here is a sample outline to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • An introduction to data visualisation
    • Difference between infographics and data visualisation
    • How can visualisation be used for communicating ideas, findings and telling stories
    • What are some of the methods and approaches for visualising data?
  • Understanding your audience
    • Practical approaches for understanding specific audience groups
    • How to identify what type of communication (and level of detail) is best suited for your audience
  • The fundamentals of good design
    • How we structure information and how structure helps great design.
    • How layout, hierarchy, colour, shape, line and typeface can help you to dramatise your story
  • Creating data visualisations:
    • How to find a story amongst the graph/data-noise
    • Concepting and creating solid, interesting stories that you can turn into  visualization & infographics for your audience
    • How to select, craft and create visualisations that are effective and appropriate
    • Designing and beautifying charts, graphs a and diagrams
  • What tools to use?
    • The best current tools alongside optimal choices & practices

    Participants will leave the training with: 

    • A clear understanding of what data visualisation is and how it can help them communicate their research
    • Tools and skills to start creating infographics and simple visuals to explain complex concepts
    Delivery formats

    We offer this training as:

    • A half-day or two 2-hour interactive group training sessions online via Zoom or similar platforms.
    • Small group and individual coaching, particularly for culture-specific training
    • Shorter formats with modified (reduced) content depending on your needs, for example, webinars, short talks, and masterclasses.
    Suitable for

    This training is suitable for researchers, scientists and academics who:

    • Want to translate research into visual graphics
    • What to under more about the basics of data visualisation and how to apply them in their work
    • Want to improve the aesthetics and “understandability” of posters, presentations, infographics and outreach material
    • Want to learn more about the power of visual storytelling and apply it to help non-experts see patterns and make decisions

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    Kind words

    Loved this. So much information and still time for some good discussions with fellow students. I look forward to being able to use some of the ideas when I create my first poster.

    Poster workshop participant

    Student SHA Utrecht University

    I have just completed SciComm Success' Poster Design Workshop. It was full of interesting tips and tools, some of which I have already built into my poster planning. Although we had a big group and I expected a lecture/webinar format, Suzanne constantly invited us to provide feedback and our own experiences, and I enjoyed hearing what fellow biologists like and don't. I liked that the group was international and enjoyed the flexible and informal discussions - some via chat, some using whiteboards, some simple audio discussion. It felt as if we could all contribute, wherever we were. I would recommend this workshop for anyone new to creating posters for conferences. It would probably be a good refresher for poster presenters, too. Thank you, SEB, for the opportunity.

    Poster workshop participant

    Society for Experimental Biology Conference (2021)

    This was a good refresher on best practice planning and design for posters. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on tools for choosing colour palettes, which I have since used in other communication materials, and the discussion about online and virtual conferences, which was an eye-opener for me during COVID. Thank you, Suzanne!

    Poster workshop participant

    Genentech, USA

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