Science and climate communication programmes for scientists, researchers, and students

SciComm Success offers a cohort programme of eight workshops that focus exclusively on communicating science or climate science to non-expert audiences.

These cohorts are ideal for PhD students, early career scientists and researchers, and aspiring science and climate communicators who want to increase their understanding of #scicomm and learn how to communicate complex research in ways that are accessible to audiences. Programmes can take place over a single semester or throughout the year. The order and content of sessions can be customised to tie in with scheduled events and opportunities like conferences, workshops, and public outreach events. This means that participants can attend training to learn new skills before an event or opportunity and then have a chance to put their learning into practice.

Workshops are delivered online via Zoom or in-person (dependent on location) by experienced facilitators and guest speakers who are specialists in their field.

Sample outline

Workshop topics can be modified in advance based on the needs of your institution or your group, however below is an example of a typical programme:

  1. The science of science (and climate) communication: why facts aren’t the only important aspect of your communication
  2. What, who, why, how, when and where: why the audience is your “hero” and how to craft key messages that resonate with them
  3. The power of stories and narrative in science and climate communication
  4. Social media for researchers
  5. Blogging for researchers
  6. Elevator pitches and your performance: explaining what you do quickly whilst being mindful of what you are saying non-verbally
  7. Telling data stories with infographics and data visualisation
  8. Media awareness

Other modules that we offer, and which can be incorporated if it makes sense for your needs, include:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Running online meetings
  • Workshop design and development
  • Using online tools to engage groups and drive action
  • Climate communication tools like Climate Fresk, En-Roads, biological handprint and more
  • Difficult conversations
  • How to build a website to share your research
  • Multi-media training (video, audio, and integration with websites and social media)

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A living programme

This is a living, breathing programme filled with real-world case studies, interactive elements and an opportunity for participants to build skills in the workshop and link them to previous workshops as well as their day-to-day work.


By the end of the programme:

Participants will have created a wide range of science communication material, including social media and blog posts, an elevator pitch, an infographic and more.

ECTS Points

This is not an ECTS point accredited workshop, however, the work involved is the equivalent of 2 ECTS points. The time investment is as follows:

  • Workshop attendance: 24 hours (8 x 3.5 hour workshops, with 30 minutes break)
  • Individual work: 24-30 hours

We do not award ECTS points, however, can work with universities who wish to offer this programme as an accredited offering.

Delivery formats

We offer this training as an online programme that takes place weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom and interactive tools for participants worldwide.

We can also offer this programme as an intensive summer school course.

Suitable for

This training is suitable for:

  • Researchers and scientists interested in learning how to use a range of techniques to connect with and communicate their work with non-experts
  • Students
  • Aspiring science and climate communicators
  • Communication teams

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Training interest

Kind words

Loved this. So much information and still time for some good discussions with fellow students. I look forward to being able to use some of the ideas when I create my first poster.

Poster workshop participant

Student SHA Utrecht University

I have just completed SciComm Success' Poster Design Workshop. It was full of interesting tips and tools, some of which I have already built into my poster planning. Although we had a big group and I expected a lecture/webinar format, Suzanne constantly invited us to provide feedback and our own experiences, and I enjoyed hearing what fellow biologists like and don't. I liked that the group was international and enjoyed the flexible and informal discussions - some via chat, some using whiteboards, some simple audio discussion. It felt as if we could all contribute, wherever we were. I would recommend this workshop for anyone new to creating posters for conferences. It would probably be a good refresher for poster presenters, too. Thank you, SEB, for the opportunity.

Poster workshop participant

Society for Experimental Biology Conference (2021)

This was a good refresher on best practice planning and design for posters. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on tools for choosing colour palettes, which I have since used in other communication materials, and the discussion about online and virtual conferences, which was an eye-opener for me during COVID. Thank you, Suzanne!

Poster workshop participant

Genentech, USA

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