The Memorable Scientist:

Presentation Skills Training for Scientists

Be clear. Be memorable. Be yourself.

About this course

This is a hands-on workshop during which you’ll have two opportunities to deliver your presentation and receive feedback from both your peers and the facilitator. You will learn to:

  • Assess your existing presentation skills and identify areas for improvement
  • Be clear about the objective of your presentation and of your audience’s expectations
  • Apply a useful framework to quickly plan your message and structure your presentation
  • Present scientific information so that your audience understands the significance of your findings
  • Harness the power of anecdotes and stories where relevant
  • Use body language, eye contact, and your voice (pitch, pause and pace) to enhance credibility
  • Feel more confident and at ease communicating in your natural style
  • Open a presentation in a way that captures attention
  • Design supporting visuals for maximum engagement and clarity
  • Manage Q&A sessions with confidence


This workshop is suitable for scientists who give informal presentations to small groups or who present research and papers at conferences, and who want to improve and practice their oral presentation skills.


The purpose of this workshop is to help scientists develop the skills and confidence that they need to plan and present their research to peers, the public, and multi-disciplinary scientific audiences.

By the end of the day, you will have had opportunities to practice, evaluate and improve your natural speaking and presentation style; understand how to use simple tools to define your message and structure your presentation; and have clear guidelines about how to use visuals effectively when communicating complex content.

Pre-workshop Preparation:

You’ll be asked to prepare a short, 5-minute (maximum) presentation to use in this workshop. Guidelines with full details will be sent out two weeks before the workshop begins.


1 day

Number of Participants:

12 (maximum)



* Please note that this is a course in presentation skills NOT an English language learning course. It is therefore suitable for both native and non-native English speakers. Participants should have an advanced level of conversational English. If in doubt about your level please arrange a call with the facilitator.

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