The Non-Verbal Scientist:

Body Language Workshop

Know yourself & know others.

About this course

In this interactive workshop, you will learn to:


  • Understand the range of non-verbal behaviours that we call ‘body language’
  • Understand the nuances of handshakes and touch
  • Understand how your personal style influences your body language
  • Match body language to words
  • Know how to read facial expressions
  • Interpret common gestures
  • Interpret eye contact
  • Understand power poses
  • Become aware of the differences in body language across cultures


This workshop is suitable for scientists and faculty who want to understand and use body language to become better all-round communicators.


The purpose of this workshop is to show you how to avoid unconsciously sabotaging yourself through negative non-verbal communication. You’ll also learn how to read non-verbal signals and control your own body language to build rapport , increase personal impact, and become a better all-round communicator.


4 hours / half-day

Number of Participants:

16 (maximum)



* Please note that this is a course in communication skills NOT an English language learning course. It is therefore suitable for both native and non-native English speakers. Participants should have a good working level of conversational English. If in doubt about your level please arrange a call with the facilitator.

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