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SciComm Success exists to help scientists build the skills they need to communicate and share their science and scientific results with non-experts and experts alike.

We offer an intensive SciComm Foundations programme as well as “Presenting Science” workshops and Effective Communication Skills training, and along with our blog, events and other activities, we hope to help scientists, researchers and academics get their messages across clearly, concisely and in a way that engages audiences and drives interest and action.

Suzanne Whitby

As a Communication Specialist + Storyteller, Suzanne helps scientists learn how to plan, craft and deliver complex messages in a way that informs, educates, persuades, influences and drives action. Made in South Africa from British and German parts, she has spent 20+ years living and working in countries across the globe, combining her passion for communication, culture and connection with her communication experience and international insights. She has worked with communication in all its forms and has enjoyed a wide variety of experiences of working in and with commercial, non-profit, education and academic, and scientific organisations in Europe, Africa, and North America.

Although she started working with scientists and scientific spin-offs since 2005, her real interest in science communication began in 2008 when a conversation with a scientist made her aware of the depletion of tuna in our oceans. That sent her on a journey of research and discovery, and she quickly found herself drowning in scientific jargon and acronyms. Frustrated at being unable to understand what was happening in the world around her from scientific sources, she started talking to scientists and non-scientists to hear their experiences and she quickly realised that not only was there a need for communication skills training for scientists, but there was a need for science communication training that would connect scientists with non-experts and ordinary people like herself.

Whilst living in Colorado in 2010, she started working helping scientists apply tried-and-tested communication techniques to help them reach their audiences and in 2018, she founded SciComm Success to help scientists across Europe become more successful in sharing their science.

Suzanne lives in Innsbruck, Austria with her atmospheric physicist husband. She is a devourer of books, an oral storyteller and a “fish hugger” (rather than a “tree hugger”) who loves scuba diving, walking and travelling. She spends a lot of time trying to tread more lightly on the earth. She has a BA in Language & Linguistics and is currently completing her MA in Classics, looking at how communication influenced the success and demise of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

“Suzanne ranks in the top 3% of experts that I have ever met. She is smart, sharp, professional, insightful and delivers great results. I have worked with her as a colleague and on my own business projects. She understands all aspects of communication – online, in person, through visual mediums and cross borders. Suzanne is one of the first people I seek to consult and involve in all my projects. She is outstanding.”

– Rasheed Ogunlaru | Coach, author, speaker

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